Reasons Why Climate Change Exists

The climate of the Earth has continuously been changing over the years. Today’s planet temperature is at 15C and keeps changing. The current period of warming is seen to be changing rapidly compared to past years. The climate keeps changing because of some of the activities that man engages in the planet or the presence of some gases in the environment. As a result, this article will discuss the reasons behind climate change exist.


Amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere


Carbon dioxide plays a vital role in determining the climate of the earth. Even though the greenhouse gases are essential, but when they are more in the atmosphere, they have an impact. Greenhouse effect involves trapping of the sun’s energy by the Earth’s atmosphere. The gases are absorbed by greenhouse gases and spread in various directions to the atmosphere. The greenhouse gases such as water vapor, carbon dioxide or methane absorb the energy and prevent loss of heat to space hence making the environment warmer. It is said by scientists that human activities performed are adding to the natural greenhouse effect. Emissions from the agriculture or industries lead to an increase in temperature. At times when fossils are burnt, or trees are cut down then there is more emission of CO2.


In the 20th century, there is a tendency to use current and easy methods. More people prefer usage of aerosol spray and refrigerators. This spray is known to bring more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, and the refrigerators are made of carbon atoms.


In addition, fertilizers contain more of the nitrogen gas which increases the amount of nitrous oxide emissions.


According to studies carried out, temperature readings have been on the rise. Over the last 100 years’ temperature on the Earth, has risen by about 0.8C.


Carbon dioxide in the oceans


Oceans are known to have more carbon dioxide compared to the atmosphere. When in the ocean, carbon dioxide does not trap heat more compared to when in the atmosphere. When the gas goes to the atmosphere from the sea, there are high chances of change in climate.


Ocean Currents


Usually, ocean currents are the seasonal movement of seawater using wind. They carry heat around the planet and brings about warmth or coldness. Since the oceans store more heat, small changes in ocean currents can bring a more significant impact on the coastal or global climate than the sea.


Vegetation on land


The vegetation coverage and climate are closely related. The vegetation on land is known to absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen. When human beings breathe out carbon dioxide the vegetation absorbs. In case the vegetation is less there will be imbalance and hence climate change.


In conclusion, it is evident that various activities cause climate change. The carbon oxide in the atmosphere and the ocean, ocean currents in and vegetation on land can cause changes in the environment. The variations result due to the activities that man engages in the surrounding and the available currents. It is important to note that the environment is an important place and has to be taken care of by everybody.